Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Casa Magica, Buenes Aires

Trying to experience travel in South America, we have rented an apartment in San Telmo, Buenos Aires for a month.
San Telmo is an old section of the city, originally inhabited by the very rich in their decorative European style homes. The area was abandoned when yellow fever hit and was left to be divided into apartments or fall apart.. Today, it has a broad mix of people, some who are slowly restoring the homes. The apartment we are staying in is one of four in a three story building on a busy street. We like the wonderful light and old world charm. The neighborhood is a mixed blessing.


  1. Oh man, love those doors!! A "mixed blessing," huh? Looking forward to hearing details!

  2. The bedroom door is typical of the BA constructions dated on the beginning of the century. They used to have tall ceilings so you could hear the echo in every room. Last year when I had reached the conclusion to rent an apartment in buenos aires  I made sure it was with that kind of construction!