Saturday, October 22, 2011

Across the Pond

We just returned from our daughter's wedding in London and a side trip to France. The wedding was wonderful - light and joyous and we left feeling that we are the  luckiest of parents.

We followed the wedding with a trip to France, starting with several weeks in Corsica.  Although the roads are really difficult, there are many, many sketching possibilities. Here was one of my favorites. We drove into the city of Bastia, near the northern finger tip of Corsica. It felt dense and overwhelming until we happened on this square. Although there was an underground parking lot, we found a perfect parking spot thanks to the help of a friendly boulangerie owner, flagging down business. The square was startlingly peaceful. Early morning dappled light, a fountain at one end, businesses setting up for the day, a few people wandering around. It was the respite travelers long to find.

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  1. nice! I especially like the sun.shadow on the church