Saturday, December 31, 2011

Little House in Ballard

My last post of 2011 - for Edith.

Do you know the story of Edith Macefield? She owned this little house in Ballard for 40+ years when she was offered a million dollars for the plot. Edith said, "I don't want to move. I don't need the money. Money doesn't mean anything." How strong she was. The world built around Edith and sadly she died shortly after all the construction. Edith left the house to one of the construction workers who had befriended her. It sits looking lonely and small amid the stores and fitness centers but I suspect it has an interesting future.


  1. If you go to the 'Credo Square' website
    you will see a design we did for the circus barker who bought this property. "Reach Returns" which is a seminar group run by ex-con Greg Pinneo. We did the 3-D for him for $6,000 on "good faith" a "handshake". He never paid us -

    1. The plans are awesome but it's so sad to hear that "Reach Returns" cheated you. It's so anti-Edith!