Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Connections

I really love the internet. My daughter invited me to spend this weekend in London with 100 enthusiastic attendees of the first ever Fat Quarterly Retreat. Most of these people from UK and beyond, had met and become friends through their blogs and Flickr. They've shared their ideas, tips, favorite fabrics and support. And now they've finally matched faces to names. Again and again I watched that wonderful expression of recognition between friends that have never met. The retreat was organized around classes and low key competitions. But the heart of the event was community. Lots of energy, great fun, new ideas and the warmth of connections. The world really is getting smaller.

My daughter Annie with her team's entry into the Ironman competition.


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    1. Thanks! It reminded me of Urban Sketchers Symposiums and made me wonder how many times such events are happening throughout the world.