Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How We Survive the Gray

What a fabulous beginning for 2013! The sky couldn't be bluer and the air feels so clean.

Jeff and I began the New Year with a First Day walk at Saltwater State Park. It was perfectly clear day and the walk (actually stroll) was led by a very knowledgeable volunteer. We felt very proud of ourselves for our healthy start. It made us want to take advantage of more of our many state parks.

Today I was able to visit my favorite Seattle view at Golden Gardens. Here is my sketch from today and below from February, 2011. I've learned to add a little Q Burnt orange to my blue and I really like the difference. Here's to many clear days in 2013!


  1. And your 2013 water goes dark to light, another improvement!

    A recent study showed being out in nature (hiking) increased creativity by 50% and also improved problem solving ability. Walk on!!!

  2. Thanks Susan! Walking is so good for us - but you know, the rain is such an easy excuse!