Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st International Urban Sketchers Symposium

 I just got back from the 1st Urban Sketchers International Symposium. It was exciting, intense, tiring and very inspiring. Many talented people who were thrilled to be with so many others who also understand the joy of sketching. When we looked at the work displayed on the last day, there was that delightful recognition that we all had been in similar settings but expressed them in so many different ways. 

I am grateful to Gabi Campanario for organizing it all and the amazing instructors and correspondents, some of whom came many, many miles to be there.

We sketched a lot!  Portland was a perfect setting with endless possibilities.

 This was sketched in China Town where I had a line drawing session with Lapin.

Frank Ching led a session on Urban Architecture and emphasized using the foreground.

Fellow Seattle sketcher Susan Miller and
I took an unscheduled break at the Lu San
Chinese Gardens. We could have spent
a day there.

I felt really lucky to be at the Symposium and surrounded by amazing, enthusiastic people.

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