Monday, March 11, 2013

Thailand and Cambodia

It's finally time to share a few sketches from our February/March trip to Thailand and Cambodia. It was a lovely trip with very new experiences. In Thailand, we spent two weeks on a Gate 1 tour. We started in Bangkok and went as far north as The Golden Triangle. In Cambodia, we hired a guide to take us around to see the many ancient wats and villages. During the trip, my head was spinning with historical images brought to life. It felt more than a world away.

Ban Pa In 1632-1889
Aisawan Dhiphya - Asana Pavilion
Divine Seat of Personal Freedom

My personal favorite hideout at the Royal Palace - the Royal Raft.                                 

A view from our Bangkok hotel room. Bangkok is overcrowded and overlapping but I was encouraged by how much green there was.

Hotel shrines

Wat Ta Som, 12th century.  Here we saw a hint of the glorious colors that must have been there.

Prasat Angkor Wat, the 12th century hub of a million people.

One evening, near Chang Mai, our tour group had dinner at the home of a local Thai family. At the end of the meal, we were invited to share in the wonderful tradition of setting candles alight in the night sky. It was stunning and a perfect image of the tranquility that can be found in Thailand.

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