Sunday, April 7, 2013

Awaiting a Kodak Moment

It's very special to share in the anticipation of a new baby. Here in London, Annie and Ed are expecting their little boy any day. While we wait, we are learning a bit about how to help in Annie's shop, The Village Haberdashery and thoroughly enjoying some great walks. We've rented a tiny flat in Belsize, close to Annie and Ed's and having fun exploring city life here. It's colder than Seattle. We feel like we've stepped back into winter. But who knows? Maybe the baby and spring will arrive together!

Below, Mini Sophie sits on Jeff's grandma's portable sewing machine, now happily at home in The Village Haberdashery. ( We successfully schlepped that heavy, precious antique on the plane with us because we felt it belonged with Annie. It looks right at home.


  1. Was expecting (hoping) to see a photo of your new grandbaby here! :-) I am enjoying your Cambodia and Thailand sketches... I will need to talk to you more about your watercolor techniques. I especially love the sketches where you use paints very loosely, and some look like they are direct with paints instead of linework first. Lovely!

    - Tina

  2. Thanks Tina! I've finally added a few.

    Painting loosely - that's exactly what I'd love to do more!