Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer to Fall

Our beautiful summer is sliding smoothly into fall. At our house, this summer was memorable in its simplicity. We checked in with family and friends, accomplished household projects, took pleasant sunny walks, ate outside almost daily and generally just appreciated being home.

Michael and Kristina celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

And Annie and Ed, their second.

And we've been long distance watching sweet baby Harvey grow. Bless iphones, Skype and now Instagram!

Harvey became a US and British citizen.

Loyal dog Sophie is showing her age. (Like the rest if us?)
We're celebrating her 14th birthday on Thanksgiving.

The weather provided many great sketching days. In early summer, I participated in an Ink to Color Urban Sketchers Workshop with Urban Sketchers, Frank Ching and Gail Wong. It was a whole weekend of seeing and sketching Seattle with local and visiting sketchers. It was a lot of fun and a stimulating start for the summer.

I really wanted to record the viaduct before it's torn down. I know it's a big ugly wall dividing the city from its view but I have many good memories of coming home from traveling to see that remarkable view of the city. Susan Miller, my favorite sketching partner and I returned later to try our luck at the moving target of the Great Wheel.

Under the viaduct

So few days and so much to sketch.

Ballard Avenue
Tiny Chase Lake in Edmonds

Sunny Olympics from Golden Gardens

Jeff and Michael learning to paddle board, wetly.

Noisy but fascinating Georgetown

And my favorite, a pristine day when I found a full view of Mt. Rainier from Magnolia Bluff.

We're expecting to visit London soon, with a side trip to Spain.  We'll hug the real baby, not the instagram version. We'll be coming home the long, long way by ship through the Panama Canal. It's been such a pleasure deciding which sketchbook and materials to bring and imagining the sights I'll want to record. Hopefully, our summer will keep on going!


  1. Have a wonderful trip, Peggy! I love seeing all your sketches and family photos!

  2. Wonderful family photos and I love the sketches! Mt. Ranier is my favorite! Happy New Year's to you!