Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Distance Doting

My husband and I have entered the new world of grandparenting. We loved being on hand for the first month of our little Harvey's life. Now that we are home, we are valuing every snippet of his life that we get to share. I am very aware of how lucky we are to have the ability to communicate in real time. Both of my great grandmothers left Europe to make a life here in the U.S. Their parents heard little if any more from them. How painful that must have been. My daughter and her family live in England. We get texts, pictures, emails and best of all, Skype. They will visit here and we will visit there. I expect that Harvey is part of a world traveling generation of grandchildren who will know their relatives this way. We'll have to see how this all unfolds. In the meantime, I'm taking delight where it's offered.


  1. Beautiful photo of a beautiful babe! As a friend says, "ain't it a great time to be alive" when ever he's amazed at the good that technology does for us. It really does make the world smaller.

    On those who emigrated: I have a wedding ring engraved with the date 1836. An Irish mother gave it to her daughter leaving to get married in the USA...she would be too poor to afford a ring so mother gave daughter her own and then probably never saw her again. How sad for, and courageous of, our ancestors.


  2. Thanks Kate! Your ring story is so poignant and a perfect example of how life was for so many.